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> Do We -really- Need A Parental Consent Page?, i think no.
post Nov 27 2005, 09:45 PM
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this conversation was generated by the fact that someone used the N word in the closet. i later spoke with this person in another channel. in the closet he used the name Rian. in the other channel, he was sentra_champloo. Tell me what you think:

[21:24] <sentra_champloo> hey sin
[21:25] <sentra_champloo> I`ll be in your closet here in a moment.
[21:25] <sentra_champloo> lol
[21:25] <sin> id be in a better mood if what i read earlier was good.
[21:25] <sin> im not impressed by your language in my channel.
[21:25] <Kat> please make sure you watch language in this room, sentra. No cursing is allowed in here
[21:25] <sin> we do NOT use, or tolerate the use of the N word.
[21:26] <sentra_champloo> .....hum.
[21:26] <sentra_champloo> Well, if you want to get technical about it.
[21:26] <sin> and i will.
[21:26] <sentra_champloo> I was using the N would in the correct context as of a topic I was discusing
[21:26] <Kat> there IS no correct context for that word
[21:27] <sentra_champloo> and there for there is no reason it was defensive and/or cruel towards anyone.
[21:27] <sin> we dont use that word.
[21:27] <sin> it is rude, and it is racist.
[21:27] <sentra_champloo> Well, you didn`t have to come across this way towards me.
[21:28] <sin> !
[21:28] <sin> im being nice.
[21:28] <Matt> ...
[21:28] <Kat> oh yeah, she is
[21:28] <sentra_champloo> You could of kept this to a privet matter.
[21:28] <sin> i could have but i didnt.
[21:28] <sentra_champloo> You could of kindly gave me a link i.e. rules.
[21:28] <sin> the people in this channel often visit my channel.
[21:28] <sentra_champloo> You should have.
[21:29] <sin> we dont have a link to the rules. we dont have rules. we pass down what is acceptable and what isnt.
[21:29] <sentra_champloo> Well, I think I`ll channel my way out.
[21:29] <sin> what's unacceptable in my room is also unacceptable in here, as well as many other places on this network.
[21:29] <Kat> sentra, please don't end up getting rude in here. I don't want to have to boot you from here and the forums
[21:29] <sentra_champloo> Well, if the word is ok for cable television.
[21:30] <sentra_champloo> I don`t see why it wounldn`t be acceptable to use amoung mature peers.
[21:30] <Matt> oh god. dont argue the rule, just be quiet and accept the rules, or dont participate
[21:30] <sin> i have never heard the N word use on cable television.
[21:30] <Kat> it shouldn't be acceptable *anywhere*
[21:30] <sentra_champloo> Adult Swim.
[21:30] <Helio> don't surround yourself with yourself, move on back two squares
[21:31] <sentra_champloo> Go to your channel and ask them if it was used on the last veiwed show.
[21:31] * Helio has heard it alot on cable tv
[21:31] <Kat> Adult swim isn't acceptable for *kids* (no offense, Matt)....and there are MANY kids in this room, and in sin's
[21:31] <sin> Kat: sentra is 17.
[21:31] <Helio> but, this isn't cable tv
[21:31] <Kat> ahhh ok sin
[21:31] <sin> and you know what, thats probably a good reason why i dont watch that much television.
[21:32] <Helio> and, it's common courtesy not to around people you don't know
[21:32] <Matt> Kat: I'd never take offense to being called a kid wink.gif
[21:32] <sentra_champloo> Well, if thats the case. No rules.... No parental consent page...
[21:32] <Helio> as, you may not get offended
[21:32] <Helio> but someone might
[21:32] <sin> parental consent?!
[21:32] <sin> omg.
[21:32] <sentra_champloo> You need to design your page targeted towards children if thats what your aiming towards.
[21:32] <Kat> Helio..perfectly said
[21:32] <don77> its designed towards respect !
[21:33] <Kat> we aren't targeting anything towards children. THIS room is for all ages, and races and nationalities. Therefore, it would be unacceptable to say something like that
[21:33] * Matt scrolls thought wyldryde's rules..
[21:33] <don77> how do you now who is or who isn't in the room ?
[21:33] <Helio> sentra_champloo: anyone can come here if they want, regardless, just if the channel owner says no, don't do it
[21:34] * sin points at what Kat said... the same goes for the closet.
[21:34] <sentra_champloo> I thought I was being a good new/noob as till now.
[21:34] <sentra_champloo> But, pointing fingers in public was not called for.
[21:34] <Matt> here we are:
[21:34] <Matt> "Hate speech and harsh personal insults and epithets directed against any race, religion, ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference is not allowed even if disguised with asterisks or other text and characters."
[21:34] <sentra_champloo> I`m sure I can shaparone your channel and find lots of stuff.
[21:35] <Helio> you're doing better then some people who've been in other channels on this network for a while, just remember, channel owner makes the rules in their channel, and they can break their own rules if he/she wishes

what a load of crap. you guys know me, i dont tolerate that kind of language. there are very few things in the closet that you cant "get away" with, and using the N word is one of them. BLEH!!


graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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post Nov 28 2005, 04:58 AM
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I thought he was an idiot


S rhioghal Mo Dhream

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post Nov 28 2005, 07:07 AM
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Group: ClosetMonster
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you arent the only one.

graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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post Nov 28 2005, 08:04 AM
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Test, testing, testing, 1,2,3,....... How far can an idiot go???? Jeesh!

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post Nov 28 2005, 10:33 AM
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Damnit, now I need to try even harder to be the biggest idiot on wyldryde.

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