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> Rambro, fucking idiot!
post Aug 29 2006, 03:18 PM
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I want that r...

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in #privacy

* sin (~sin@29773c92.2e01205d.654d39d.16190e58X) has joined #privacy
* ChanServ sets mode: +o sin
<rambro> sin!!!!!!!!!!
<sin> hi.
<rambro> sin, do you still have you job?
* sin stares at rambro
<sin> i havent been to work in... 28 days.
<sin> where have you been?
<rambro> Ok, maybe I should go to your website.
<sin> good idea.
<rambro> sin, do you have a flat screen monitor?
<sin> yes.
<sin> one here
<sin> and one at home.
<rambro> I'm thinking about getting one.
<sin> ok.
<rambro> 19" viewsonic.
* porta_pi is back: school
<sin> i have that, the widescreen one.
<rambro> no, the regular one, I'm not into widescreen.
<sin> i wasnt either
<sin> until i got this
<sin> theres -so- much more room.
<sin> at least it seems like it
<sin> i like wide screens (for computers/laptops)
porta_gimp has said your name in #killspyware
<sin> but regular for TVs and movies
<rambro> Staples, is advertising the one I'm interested in. viewsonic - Optiquest.
<sin> i hate wide screen dvd's
<sin> they suck ass.
<sin> i feel like half the picture is missing
<rambro> sin, so you have a flat panel screen for tv and movies?
<rambro> I mean the hi def stuff.
<sin> no, but thats my next major non-construction purchase.
<rambro> sin, how old are you.
<sin> almost 25
<sin> and you?
<sin> didnt i just ask you that?
<rambro> 45
<rambro> sin, so basically you not to tolerate of older people.
<porta_pi> are you that stupid?
<CCMike> she tollerates me
<porta_pi> she tolerates CCMike
<porta_pi> she tolerates sari
<porta_pi> she tolerates maxnmike|afk
<therock247uk> she tolerates GuRu
<porta_pi> and SomeUser, no one knows how old he is
<GuRu> lol
<therock247uk> hehe
* GuRu hugs sin
<porta_pi> guru = tom?
<GuRu> yeah
<porta_pi> mhm
<sin> i tolerate everyone but you, rambro.
<sin> because you are annoying as fuck.
* GuRu is now known as Coyote`
* sin hugs tom
* Coyote` is now known as Illusion
<rambro> sin, may I respond?
* Illusion is now known as GuRu
<porta_pi> if she says no will it stop you?
<rambro> port_pi, I'll get to you next you little shit.
<porta_pi> tom
<porta_pi> permission to kick?
<porta_pi> ill be nice and ask first
<sin> go for it rambro.
<rambro> screw you.
<therock247uk> ...
* porta_pi sets mode: +b *!*@1faf4a71.1b4962bd.dyn.optonline.net
* rambro was kicked by porta_pi (bye)
<sin> byekthx!!
<porta_pi> d'oh
<porta_pi> i forgot kthx
<therock247uk> wow
<GuRu> pi, no problem after his comment
<porta_pi> ok
<porta_pi> but, i figured i'd check first
sin has said your name in #killspyware
<porta_pi> eventhough i didnt want for an answer
<porta_pi> lol
<GuRu> you are an op here, your disgression counts too
<porta_pi> thanks
<porta_pi> i'll remove the ban in an hour or so
<sin> or not.
<sin> i only said what was the truth
<GuRu> let it stay at least 24
<sin> hes the one that started calling names.
<porta_pi> ok
<sin> tom, now he's harassing pi on another network/
<porta_pi> heh
<porta_pi> tom
<porta_pi> he just got banned from geekstogo
<therock247uk> haha
<therock247uk> bringing stuff from one net to another is a no no
* porta_pi thinks he might accidentally forget to remove the ban tomorrow
<sin> i think it should be left.
<sin> 1: he doesnt help anyone
<porta_pi> ill leave it up to tom
<sin> 2: he doesnt add to the channel
<sin> 3: he is snotty and rude, and annoying.
<sin> 4: he runs people off with his know-it-all comments
* Jeff (Jeff@cc59707.229ed2b4.dyn.optonline.net) has left #privacy
* Jeff (Jeff@cc59707.229ed2b4.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #privacy
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Jeff

in #geekstogo

* Guest (JavaUser@privatehost-4D63A17D.res-cmts.wbh.ptd.net) has joined #geekstogo
<Guest> help please
<sin> with?
<rambro> hey porta_gimp?
<sin> pah.
<porta_gimp> just kickban me already
<Guest> AIM keeps sending messages to everyone on my buddy list...with a link
<Guest> and it gave them a virus..if they clicked it
<rambro> no I won't but you got a nasty mouth.
<porta_gimp> where?
<rambro> and I don't apprecitate it.
* sin notes that you should not bring 'wars' to another network.
<Guest> but i didn't send it
<sin> and rambro, it was me. not Gimpi.
<therock247uk> rambro
<Guest> and it's happened 3 times
<therock247uk> dont bring crap from dixie here
<therock247uk> thanks
<rambro> therock247uk, take their side all the time why don't you.
rambro has said your name in #geekstogo
<sin> its a network thing
<therock247uk> ...
<Guest> i did virus scans...but got nothing
<sin> if youre too stupid to know that, then you dont need to be a channel operator -- anywhere.
<therock247uk> what goes on on one net does not go to another
<rambro> rock, pi has a fould mouth.
<rambro> foul mouth.
<sin> it wasnt gimpi.
<porta_gimp> i do not you filthy piece of <censored>
<therock247uk> why bring it here?
<porta_gimp> there
<porta_gimp> not you're not a liar
<rambro> rock, this shis has been building for awhile.
<rambro> <censored>*
<porta_gimp> rambro
<porta_gimp> dont
<porta_gimp> bring
<porta_gimp> it
<porta_gimp> to
<sin> and why are you bringing it in here?
<porta_gimp> this
<porta_gimp> network
* therock247uk sets mode: -h UberGeek
* therock247uk sets mode: +b *!*@privatehost-6CFDACA7.dyn.optonline.net
<porta_gimp> \o/
<rambro> because I can't get back into swi.
<sin> \o/
* Guest (JavaUser@privatehost-4D63A17D.res-cmts.wbh.ptd.net) Quit (Quit: Guest)

in a private staff only channel for geekstogo

<rambro> rock, do you hate me that much.
<rambro> you band me from the swi server and the geekstogo server.
<therock247uk> no i did not ban you from dixie
<rambro> that is swi channel and the geekstogo channel, so how am I to defend myself
<therock247uk> and dont bring shit from another network to here
<therock247uk> thank you
<rambro> rock, I tried to get on to swi, but I was banned.
<therock247uk> yes
<rambro> I tried to get to geekstogo, but I was banned.
<therock247uk> you banned by a operation
<therock247uk> operator
<rambro> look, this is unfair.
<rambro> those two have been sticking it to me for awhile.
<rambro> any you know this.
<therock247uk> no i dont
<therock247uk> your a idiot sometimes
<rambro> yes, you do.
<therock247uk> all i ask if you dont bring crap from dixie to here
<therock247uk> get it?
<rambro> will you unban me.
<therock247uk> if you drop the subject
<rambro> rock, I see what people type, in these chatrooms, and I don't think I'm that bad.
<rambro> and I don't appriciate you calling me an idiot.
<therock247uk> well what are you doing to do about it?
<rambro> I can't do anything about it.
<rambro> except try to defend myself
<therock247uk> well why did you fucking bring a fight from dixie to here?
<rambro> because you banned me from swi.
<therock247uk> and someone was being helped in #geekstogo why did you have to chose then to fight?
<rambro> look, I have every right to be here as you do.
<therock247uk> get it into your head i did not ban you from swi
<rambro> well somebody did.
<therock247uk> well i dident so quit blaming me for something i DID NOT Do
<rambro> Rock, I too old for this crapola, so do what you want to do, I don't give a damn.
<therock247uk> good
<rambro> rock, you know as well as I that sin get annoyed with certain people.
<rambro> so I'm in her annoyied radar.
<therock247uk> drop this subject
<rambro> it dropped, but I'm pissed.
<therock247uk> so
<rambro> see, you don't give a crap.
<therock247uk> no i dont
<rambro> dick
* therock247uk sets mode: +b *!*@privatehost-6CFDACA7.dyn.optonline.net
* Timer 1 activated
* Timer 1 halted
* rambro was kicked by therock247uk (bye)

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