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> Mistaken Identity
post Aug 2 2006, 08:58 PM
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[20:07] * hellsbells has returned from looking for something ill never find, i was gone for 4hrs 27mins 12secs
[20:07] * hellsbells is now known as sin
[20:07] <Josh1010> DIKE JONES
[20:07] * inhisgallery is now known as Trevor
[20:07] <shadows_girl> oh god
[20:07] <dj_shadow> wow
[20:07] <sin> hello

(i didnt get an answer... meaningless bs cut out)

[20:47] <dj_shadow> yeah i would
[20:47] <dj_shadow> lol hold up talking to the boss
[20:47] <dj_shadow> i need to figure out my hours
[20:48] <dj_shadow> *thinks*
[20:54] * sin sets mode: +U
[20:58] <dj_shadow> gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[20:58] <dj_shadow> g.a
[20:58] <dj_shadow> \:D/
[20:58] <shadows_girl> lol
[20:58] <shadows_girl> im from nh
[20:58] <dj_shadow> hahahaha
[20:58] <shadows_girl> lol
[20:58] <dj_shadow> im from m.e m.e \:D/
[20:59] <shadows_girl> lol
[20:59] * sin sits and stares
[20:59] <dj_shadow> lol
[20:59] <shadows_girl> haha
[20:59] <dj_shadow> this song is gay
[21:00] <shadows_girl> y do u have it
[21:00] <dj_shadow> i dont fuckin no
[21:00] <shadows_girl> lol
[21:00] <dj_shadow> this is the gay version
[21:01] <sin> what is it?
[21:01] <dj_shadow> look
[21:01] <shadows_girl> smart ass
[21:01] <dj_shadow> its flyleaf
[21:01] <sin> if i intended to go look, i wouldnt have asked what it was.
[21:01] <dj_shadow> hahaha
[21:02] <shadows_girl> u should be dj_smartass
[21:02] <shadows_girl> lol
[21:02] <dj_shadow> thanx
[21:02] <dj_shadow> :|
[21:02] <shadows_girl> love ya
[21:02] <dj_shadow> biggrin.gif
[21:02] <dj_shadow> ya ya
[21:02] <dj_shadow> love u too
[21:02] <shadows_girl> i know
[21:03] * sin vomits
[21:03] <shadows_girl> haha
[21:03] <dj_shadow> :|
[21:03] <shadows_girl> to much love 4 ya sin
[21:11] * dj_shadow is now known as DJ_SHADOW
[21:11] <shadows_girl> yup it is
[21:11] <sin> only if youre compensating for something.
[21:11] * Joins: inhisgallery (Triple-X-R@privatehost-6C96225E.ipt.aol.com)
[21:11] <DJ_SHADOW> lol
[21:12] <sin> which you probably are.
[21:12] <DJ_SHADOW> brb
[21:12] <DJ_SHADOW> i have to pee
[21:12] <shadows_girl> ok
[21:13] <sin> i should kick you.
[21:13] <shadows_girl> who
[21:13] <DJ_SHADOW> back :|
[21:13] <shadows_girl> kk
[21:13] <DJ_SHADOW> hey dad
[21:14] <DJ_SHADOW> im righting to u
[21:14] <DJ_SHADOW> good song
[21:14] <shadows_girl> yeah
[21:14] <DJ_SHADOW> goes out to my father :|
[21:14] <sin> hopefully one day you'll both learn how to spell.
[21:14] <DJ_SHADOW> sin are u a dj
[21:14] <DJ_SHADOW> do i no you
[21:14] <shadows_girl> i cyred the first time i hurd this
[21:14] <sin> im not a dj.
[21:14] <sin> but i own you.
[21:15] * sin grins
[21:15] * inhisgallery is now known as hahahahahahahaha
[21:15] <shadows_girl> chelle
[21:15] <DJ_SHADOW> well im making it my own bidness to take you of this site banning ur ip from this site :|
[21:15] <hahahahahahahaha> hey
[21:15] <sin> awesome.
[21:15] <sin> go for it.
[21:15] <sin> remind me who owns it again?
[21:15] <sin> could it be DJ_Death?
[21:16] <shadows_girl> chelle my lover
[21:16] <shadows_girl> lol
[21:16] <hahahahahahahaha> yep yep
[21:16] <shadows_girl> ok this song is makein me cry
[21:17] * sin waits for an answer
[21:18] <DJ_SHADOW> :|
[21:18] <DJ_SHADOW> death is that you lmfao
[21:18] <shadows_girl> welcome to the jungle
[21:18] <sin> no, its not.
[21:18] <sin> but hes a friend of mine.
[21:19] <DJ_SHADOW> okay :|
[21:19] <sin> hes the reason why im here.
[21:19] <DJ_SHADOW> okay :|
[21:19] <sin> and for the record: [21:15] <DJ_SHADOW> well im making it my own bidness to take you of this site banning ur ip from this site :|
[21:19] <sin> 1: i dont go to the website, so ban me all you want
[21:19] <sin> and...
[21:19] <sin> 2: if youre talking about banning me from this channel, good luck, because i rank higher than you.
[21:20] <DJ_SHADOW> hey im not banning u i was gonna tell death or sinfulish :|
[21:20] * Joins: DJ_Queen (~Triple-X-@privatehost-B17270D0.dhcp.crtn.ga.charter.com)
[21:20] <DJ_Queen> yo sin wass good
[21:20] <shadows_girl> baby dont waste your breath
[21:20] <DJ_SHADOW> dude im new at this this is my first night take it easy on me sad.gif
[21:20] <DJ_Queen> you startiong shit
[21:20] <sin> im pretty sure death already knows about me.
[21:20] <sin> who's starting shit?
[21:21] <sin> im being mild. trust me.
[21:21] <DJ_Queen> sin behave
[21:21] <DJ_Queen> you know who this is
[21:21] <sin> i do?
[21:21] <DJ_Queen> yeah i am the owner of hte site
[21:21] <DJ_SHADOW> :|
[21:21] <DJ_Queen> along with travis
[21:21] <sin> i dont think ive met you.
[21:21] <DJ_SHADOW> im fuckin lost now :|
[21:21] <DJ_Queen> wass up shadow
[21:21] <shadows_girl> baby its ok
[21:22] <DJ_SHADOW> nothin mom
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> yeah we met sin
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> <<<sinful
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> you know me
[21:22] <DJ_SHADOW> :-0
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> who is hahahahaha'
[21:22] <hahahahahahahaha> me
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> yeah who you
[21:22] <DJ_SHADOW> my gf's friend chelle
[21:22] <shadows_girl> chelle
[21:22] <DJ_Queen> iight
[21:23] <DJ_Queen> sin hit me up
[21:23] <DJ_Queen> sinfulish.b1tch
[21:23] <DJ_Queen> shadow sin is cool
[21:23] <DJ_Queen> he just gets hot headed sometimes
[21:23] * sin sets mode: +o DJ_Queen
[21:23] <sin> im not a he :\
[21:23] <DJ_Queen> ty sin
[21:24] <sin> and i wasnt being hotheaded. i was merely making conversation.
[21:24] <DJ_Queen> iight
[21:24] <DJ_Queen> you better behave b4 i hunt your ass down
[21:24] <DJ_Queen> tongue.gif
[21:24] <sin> if 'some people' didnt get their feelings hurt everytime i spoke then there wouldnt be a problem.
[21:24] <sin> hunt me, hunt me please.
[21:24] <sin> tongue.gif
[21:25] <shadows_girl> sin u didnt hurt mine
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> its : - P
[21:25] <DJ_Queen> sin but come on you always go off about everything with out thinking
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> :-P
[21:25] <shadows_girl> i havge no feelins to hurt
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> me either ur just becomming a nusence
[21:25] <DJ_Queen> shadow behave
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> i am
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> :|
[21:25] <DJ_Queen> he got power to get you off this station
[21:25] <sin> no i dont.
[21:25] <DJ_SHADOW> sorry :|
[21:26] <DJ_Queen> not as much as i do but t\still
[21:26] <sin> seriously.
[21:26] <DJ_SHADOW> <~~~ sits in his corner
[21:26] <sin> im pretty sure im not the sin you guys are thinking of.
[21:26] <DJ_Queen> you got an admin
[21:26] <shadows_girl> *sits with dj_shadow*
[21:26] <sin> i only know dj death, from #naughtycloset.
[21:26] <sin> which is how i ended up here.
[21:26] <DJ_Queen> you use to go to the old txr
[21:26] <DJ_Queen> that is how i know you
[21:26] <sin> because death asked me to come.
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> i know
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> im not saying nada
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> sheesh be have
[21:27] <sin> im not misbehaving.
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> right now im live at unforgiven:-P
[21:27] <sin> probably you should contact dj death. i swear im not the person youre thinking of.
[21:27] <shadows_girl> ill brb
[21:27] <DJ_SHADOW> hb hunny
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> i already did
[21:27] <DJ_Queen> grrrrrrrrrr
[21:28] <sin> ok...
[21:28] <sin> no need to drag it out any further.
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> omg sin i am the old dj dark queen
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> you know me
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> grr shadow your lagging
[21:28] <DJ_SHADOW> i have nothing open :|
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> you got your cam on ???
[21:28] <DJ_SHADOW> noope
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> ok
[21:28] <DJ_Queen> msn?
[21:29] <DJ_SHADOW> nope
[21:29] <DJ_SHADOW> just yahoo
[21:29] <DJ_Queen> ok you better remmber i was in there :-p
[21:29] <DJ_Queen> opps :-P
[21:29] <DJ_Queen> i am never doing that again
[21:29] <DJ_SHADOW> what again
[21:29] <DJ_Queen> remote access
[21:30] <DJ_SHADOW> on msn
[21:30] <DJ_SHADOW> ???
[21:30] <DJ_Queen> any of it
[21:30] <shadows_girl> im back
[21:30] <DJ_Queen> wb
[21:30] <sin> welcome back.
[21:30] <sin> where'd you go?
[21:30] <shadows_girl> ty
[21:30] <DJ_SHADOW> well good to no i was the last person u did it with :-P
[21:30] <sin> i missed something.
[21:30] <DJ_Queen> ok that did not sound right
[21:30] <DJ_SHADOW> i no :|
[21:31] <DJ_SHADOW> my bad
[21:31] <sin> it was wrong. but amusing.
[21:31] <DJ_Queen> brb going on air
[21:31] * Quits: DJ_SHADOW (~Triple-X-@F366B69E.26B92435.D591FADB.IP) (Quit: I Love Triple-X-Radio http://www.triple-x-radio.com)
[21:31] <DJ_Queen> yeah right
[21:32] <sin> i need dj death's email address.
[21:33] * Quits: DJ_Queen (~Triple-X-@privatehost-B17270D0.dhcp.crtn.ga.charter.com) (Quit: DJ_Queen)
[21:36] <sin> all of a sudden it got quiet in here.
[21:36] <hahahahahahahaha> yah
[21:38] <sin> im still pretty sure you guys have the wrong sin.

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