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> Heres To You, acolour
post Jul 22 2006, 09:45 AM
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in #nc
[23:45] <acolour> and the room goes silent
[23:58] * Joins: Bondster (~chris@privatehost-6B11A1A0.ip.alltel.net)
[23:58] * Erebus sets mode: +h Bondster
[00:08] <acolour> good night all
[00:08] <acolour> see ya tomorrow
[00:08] * Parts: acolour (~acolour@privatehost-DB8318B5.cable.mindspring.com)
[00:10] <sin> hopefully not
[00:11] <Bondster> ha?
[00:11] <Bondster> did i miss something?
[00:11] <sin> im pissed because he evaded a ban.
[00:12] <Bondster> oh
[00:12] <sin> he was banned from here for harassing people and making an ass of himself.
[00:12] <sin> i just removed the ban today when i was cleaning up some stuff, and then i see that it was him that was banned.
[00:12] <Bondster> so, im assuming you just rebanned him?
[00:12] <sin> something in his ip/cloak changed, he shouldnt have been able to get in.
[00:13] <Admiral_Justin> hmm?
[00:13] * sin sets mode: +b *!acolour@*.cable.mindspring.com
[00:14] <sin> acolour was banned from here, Admiral_Justin
[00:14] * Admiral_Justin suggests *!*acolour@*.cable.mindspring.com
[00:14] <sin> i believe by kj
[00:14] <Admiral_Justin> it allows for the ~ as well
[00:14] * sin sets mode: +b *!*acolour@*.cable.mindspring.com
[00:14] * sin sets mode: -b *!acolour@*.cable.mindspring.com
[09:48] * Joins: acolour (~acolour@privatehost-B34A5292.rmo.bellsouth.net)
[09:48] <acolour> good morning
[09:50] <acolour> hows it going
[09:50] <acolour> today
[10:09] <acolour> hey jeff
[10:09] <acolour> how are ya man
[10:09] <Jeff> good
[10:10] <acolour> A&A are touring with TBS
[10:10] <acolour> you gonna see them?
[10:10] <Jeff> i already did
[10:10] <acolour> how was it
[10:10] <Jeff> amazing
[10:10] <Jeff> brb lunch
[10:11] * cyberdad sets mode: +b *!*@privatehost-B34A5292.rmo.bellsouth.net
[10:11] * acolour was kicked by cyberdad (ban evasion is a no no)
[10:11] * acolour was kicked by cyberdad (ban evasion is a no no)
[10:12] <imheretohelp> :S
[10:12] <imheretohelp> interesting cyberdad
[10:13] * imheretohelp wonders how he completely changed ISP
[10:14] <maxnmike|afk> don't know, don't care, he's still banned
[10:14] <imheretohelp> I know
[10:14] <imheretohelp> lol
[10:14] * sin sets mode: +b *!*acolour@*!*
[10:14] <imheretohelp> just qyit and reconnected
[10:15] <sin> i cant wait until he crawls into some one else's channel and harasses me
[10:21] <sin> i think someone ought to kline/gline him for ban evasion
[10:21] <sin> since he knowingly did it more than once
[10:21] <Jeff> we don't kline here, there's no point
[10:21] <Jeff> kline is for single servers
[10:21] <sin> and changed his ip every time
[10:21] <imheretohelp> gkline
[10:21] <imheretohelp> lol
[10:22] <imheretohelp> tongue.gif
[10:22] <sin> yeah, thats right. forgot about all the servers here.
[10:22] <imheretohelp> we tend to use gzline
[10:22] <CCMike> i think we should k-g-s-f-v-and z line the bastard
[10:22] <sin> i use both on the networks im an oper on
[10:22] <CCMike> whatever the hell all that means'
[10:23] <motherfury> lol
[10:23] * imheretohelp thinks we should oline CCMike for that comment
[10:27] <imheretohelp> when was he banned?
[10:27] <imheretohelp> he was on mindspring last night
[10:27] <jpmk12|out> hes using a wifi network at a coffee shop to get here
[10:27] <sin> he was banned before too
[10:27] <sin> i think by kj
[10:27] <sin> because he was harassing her
[10:27] <sin> and being an asshole

then in #bt
[10:24] * Joins: acolour (~acolour@privatehost-B34A5292.rmo.bellsouth.net)
[10:24] <acolour> what is the problem
[10:24] <acolour> i am i banned
[10:24] <acolour> if so, i dont know why
[10:25] <acolour> let me know
[10:25] <imheretohelp> you were banned, as cyberdad stated in his kick message, for evading a previous ban
[10:25] <imheretohelp> on a cable.mindspring.com host
[10:25] <acolour> i dont even know how to evade a ban
[10:26] <imheretohelp> lol
[10:26] <jpmk12|out> did you cahnge service providers recently?
[10:26] <jpmk12|out> change*
[10:26] <acolour> i am at a coffee shop
[10:26] <acolour> thats all
[10:26] <acolour> and last night i was home
[10:26] <jpmk12|out> then you are using a different address to connect here
[10:27] <acolour> ah, is that what it is
[10:27] <jpmk12|out> if you were banned on one address and use another to get to a channel again, that is a ban evade
[10:27] <acolour> i dont know if i was ever banned and or why
[10:27] <acolour> not sure
[10:27] <acolour> i was in naughtycloset last night and everythng was fine
[10:27] <acolour> talked to a lot of people
[10:28] <jpmk12|out> well, channel owners reserve the right to ban who ever they want to
[10:28] <acolour> right
[10:28] <acolour> understand
[10:28] <jpmk12|out> and there is nothing we can do about it
[10:28] <acolour> right
[10:28] <acolour> well
[10:28] <acolour> i think this one if up to jeff
[10:28] <jpmk12|out> but I ask you to respect the ban
[10:28] <jpmk12|out> if you are removed from a channel, please do not try to enter by other means
[10:28] <jpmk12|out> then it becomes my responsibility
[10:29] <acolour> sure, i guess i wont go into naughtycloset anymore
[10:29] <jpmk12|out> you are welcome to start your own channel or join others
[10:29] * Jeff sets mode: +vv acolour WyldUser3625
[10:29] <sin> for the record, im not the one who banned you the first time.
[10:29] <sin> but i dont tolerate ban evading.
[10:29] <sin> hence, youre gone.
[10:29] <jpmk12|out> just remember to be respectful and polite to people
[10:30] <acolour> sin, i didn't realize i was banned
[10:36] <acolour> good bye all
[10:36] * Parts: acolour (~acolour@privatehost-B34A5292.rmo.bellsouth.net)

graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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