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Posted by: sin Jul 29 2006, 04:29 PM

[17:24] * Joins: aznjockboiX (
[17:24] <aznjockboiX> hey
[17:24] <aznjockboiX> anyone there?
[17:24] <sin> no
[17:24] <sin> we're all dead now.
[17:24] <aznjockboiX> anyways im wondering if you can run a fullscreen game windowed?
[17:25] <sin> depends on the game.
[17:25] <aznjockboiX> gunbound.
[17:25] <sin> does it have the option?
[17:25] <aznjockboiX> i ..dont..think so.
[17:25] <aznjockboiX> x|
[17:25] <sin> if it doesnt, then no, you cant play it windowed.
[17:26] <aznjockboiX> well, isnt that obvious.
[17:26] * Quits: aznjockboiX ( (Quit: aznjockboiX)
[17:26] <therock247uk> you scared them sin
[17:26] <sin> if the dumbfuck knew the answer already, then why did he ask?
[17:26] <therock247uk> lol

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