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Posted by: sin Nov 10 2006, 11:37 PM

[23:10] <p858snake> i got the email
[23:10] <sin> ok.
[23:10] <sin> if you need anything, i can always be reached there.
[23:11] <sin> however, i do have very strict spam filters set up, so dont send me a bunch of crap.
[23:11] * Parts: The_King_of_Kings (c99sh@is.pwnage)
[23:11] * Joins: The_King_of_Kings (c99sh@is.pwnage)
[23:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +h The_King_of_Kings
[23:11] <p858snake> as if i would ever spam anyone, espically a networkop
[23:12] <sin> the term youre looking for is IRCop (irc operator) and im a server administrator, not a network administrator.
[23:13] <p858snake> *Almighty person with more power than me <<sounds slighty better
[23:13] <sin> lol
[23:14] <sin> thats only because i see everything you guys do.
[23:14] <sin> for example:
[23:14] <sin> [23:11] <MasterControl> LOGUSERS: The_King_of_Kings has left #pweb
[23:14] <sin> [23:11] <MasterControl> LOGUSERS: The_King_of_Kings has joined #pweb
[23:15] <p858snake> mastercontrol?
[23:15] <sin> services.
[23:16] <p858snake> im surpised my school hasn't gotten up me for having everything forwarded to my school email
[23:20] <sin> did you see the changes, peachey?
[23:20] <p858snake> yeap
[23:23] <The_King_of_Kings> can you also read PM's with MasterControl?
[23:23] <sin> no.
[23:23] <sin> nor do i care what youre doing in pm
[23:25] <sin> mostly i see when you join/part channels
[23:25] <sin> when you log on
[23:25] <sin> logging off
[23:25] <sin> identifying
[23:25] <p858snake> The_King_of_Kings> dont forget sal sees all
[23:25] <sin> activating your vhost
[23:25] <sin> except for pm's, everything on this network is logged.
[23:25] <sin> keep that in mind.
[23:35] <The_King_of_Kings> so you know my password
[23:35] <sin> no.
[23:35] <sin> all passwords are encrypted
[23:35] <The_King_of_Kings> ah
[23:36] <sin> i could probably get it if i wanted to, but what would be the point?
[23:36] <sin> i can torture you in other ways, and i wont need your password to do it.

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