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> Justcarol
post Apr 30 2005, 10:28 PM
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This woman pissed me off tonight. Not only do I not appreciate people making incorrect assumptions about me, but insulting my intelligence is the WRONG thing to do...

in #bt:
[22:50] <IdahoCarol> i suggest everyone see it
[22:50] <IdahoCarol> "SAW"
[22:50] <IdahoCarol> brrr
[22:50] * sin waits 2 weeks
[22:50] <sin> the only movie ima watch between now and then is les miserables
[22:50] <IdahoCarol> waiting 2 weeks for what sin?
[22:51] <sin> to do stuff i -want- to do
[22:51] <sin> i graduate on may 12.
[22:51] <sin> with my bachelors degree.
[22:51] <IdahoCarol> well congrats!
[22:51] <sin> thanks.
[22:51] <IdahoCarol> BS or BA?
[22:52] <IdahoCarol> and in what field?
[22:52] <sin> BA in human resources and management. my major is business law.
[22:53] <sin> BBA*
[22:53] <IdahoCarol> wow
[22:53] <IdahoCarol> thats great
[22:53] <sin> i did it in two semesters.
[22:53] <IdahoCarol> 2?
[22:53] <IdahoCarol> how'd that happen?
[22:54] <sin> i work my ass off.
[22:54] <KyrahJade> lots of hours.
[22:54] <sin> i did my associates in 2 semesters as well.
[22:54] <IdahoCarol> dont tell me....you are 17
[22:54] <sin> but before that i screwed around for 3 years and kept chaning my mind.
[22:54] <sin> im 23.
[22:54] <IdahoCarol> thats a fun age
[22:54] <sin> i dont regret it.
[22:55] <sin> i worked hard and had a lot to overcome.
[22:55] <IdahoCarol> i bet you did
[22:55] * sin shrugs. you dont know me that well, but thanks for the thought.
KyrahJade steps in:
[22:55] <IdahoCarol> well...human resources
[22:55] <KyrahJade> *peers up at this channel*
[22:55] <KyrahJade> IC - somethin' wrong with HR?
[22:56] <IdahoCarol> everyone i know who has gone into the field was somehow an addict...abuser....or something like that
[22:56] <sin> i have cancer.
[22:56] <IdahoCarol> turned around...
[22:56] <IdahoCarol> oh?
[22:56] <sin> my mom almost died last spring.
[22:56] * IdahoCarol listens
[22:56] <KyrahJade> IdahoCarol, I wouldn't assume anything out in IRC-land, if I were you.
[22:56] <sin> i have a bad marriage
[22:57] <IdahoCarol> ack
[22:57] <sin> the list goes on and on.
[22:57] <IdahoCarol> KJ...this is from my experiences in rl...not irc
[22:57] <IdahoCarol> any kids, sin?
[22:57] <sin> KyrahJade is referring to this:
[22:57] <sin> [22:55] <sin> i worked hard and had a lot to overcome.
[22:57] <sin> [22:55] <IdahoCarol> i bet you did
[22:57] <sin> no. im not in a position to have children.,
[22:57] <sin> -,
[22:57] <IdahoCarol> i see
[22:57] <KyrahJade> IdahoCarol, and my words are based on my experiences as well.
[22:58] <KyrahJade> And just general common sense - this is a pretty diverse group, it isn't wise to assume anything, I've learned.
[22:58] <IdahoCarol> what have i assume?
[22:58] <IdahoCarol> did I say something to offend you KJ?
[22:58] <KyrahJade> No. I'm just being cautionary.
[22:58] <KyrahJade> Your tone worries me, slightly.
[22:59] <IdahoCarol> my "tone"?
[22:59] <IdahoCarol> wth does that mean?
[22:59] <KyrahJade> It means whatever you want it to - I'm merely stating something.
[22:59] * IdahoCarol has good tone for an old fart
[22:59] <KyrahJade> Subjective, but I'll ignore that for a while.
[22:59] <G|-Jaz> Pedro offers you his protection
[23:00] * sin sets pedro on fire
[23:00] <IdahoCarol> better yet, I'll just come back when girls aren't PMSing
[23:00] <KyrahJade> Bye.
[23:00] * Parts: IdahoCarol (~ihavenone@privatehost-C6587D7.cpe.cableone.net)
[23:00] <sin> i dont pms
[23:00] <Gimpi> lmfao
[23:00] <sin> i dont pm.
[23:00] <sin> cant pms if ya dont have a cycle.
[23:00] <Jeff> :\

And then she has the nerve to PM me...:
[23:04] <JustCarol> Sorry if I said something wrong...but when you said you had alot to overcome...I was just listening. I have no wish to tangle with any of your suspicious friends
[23:05] <sin> you shouldnt make assumptions about people, especially when you dont even know them.
[23:05] <JustCarol> ummmm
[23:05] <JustCarol> i think someone is making assumptions about me
[23:05] <sin> kj has been with me through nearly a year of hell. she was stepping up in my defense. you dont know anything about me. you dont know anything about any of us.
[23:05] <sin> we didnt assume anything about you. at all.
[23:05] <JustCarol> you said you had a hard time....but managed to get you BA
[23:06] <JustCarol> you know what...forget I ever said hello
[23:06] <sin> ok.
[23:06] <sin> bye.
[23:06] <JustCarol> i dont need any shit from you or your friend
[23:06] <sin> fuck off.
[23:06] <JustCarol> hehehe
[23:07] <JustCarol> i assume you didnt even get out of HS
[23:07] <JustCarol> I assunme you have no real friends....
[23:07] <sin> i graduated with high honors a semester early.
[23:07] <JustCarol> NOW you can say I'm assuming
[23:07] <JustCarol> jerk
[23:07] <sin> youve fucked with the wrong person now, bitch.

So... I'm 17 and stupid, not to mention I'm a recovered drug addict... Bah. What a fucking twit.

graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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post May 1 2005, 07:31 AM
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Opps, smile.gif sure glad the blacklist wasn't around "post election, "04" wink.gif (sends sin a gift anyway.)

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