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> Cat, helping where youre not allowed
post Oct 2 2006, 04:57 PM
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background: #geekstogo is a channel where only people with halfops or ops are allowed to post help to users with malware issues. we had a user in who needed malware assitance and was receiving it from Ryan, who is an OP and had made a post already on the forums.

[17:33] <CaT> dmiles u in safemode with networking right?
[17:33] <logreeval> whats the difference between AVG antispyware and antimalware?
[17:33] <dmiles2111> yes
[17:33] <sin> we'll discuss later, logreeval.
[17:33] <CaT> goto this liunk and let it run
[17:33] <CaT> http://housecall65.trendmicro.com/
[17:33] <sin> let's let dmiles2111 get helped first.
[17:33] <logreeval> ok
[17:34] * logreeval does some quick homework
[17:34] <sin> CaT, i wasnt aware you were qualified to be helping people with malware issues in here.
[17:34] * CaT tech
[17:34] <Gimpi> CaT, what anti virus do you use?
[17:34] <CaT> nortons 2006
[17:34] * coxmaster-PIZZA is now known as coxmaster
[17:34] <Gimpi> ...
[17:34] <therock247uk> ...
[17:34] <Gimpi> why?
[17:34] * logreeval throws up
[17:34] <CaT> yes i pay for it
[17:34] <logreeval> lol
[17:34] <coxmaster> OH not Norton
[17:35] <sin> oh my god.
[17:35] <Gimpi> you
[17:35] <Gimpi> off my planet
[17:35] <sin> dmiles2111, how are you doing over there?
[17:35] <dmiles2111> i run it, right CaT
[17:35] <CaT> yes
[17:35] <dmiles2111> its running the scan that CaT told me to run
[17:35] <logreeval> isnt Ryan your helper?
[17:35] <dmiles2111> thanks for your guy's help btw
[17:35] <dmiles2111> yea
[17:35] <sin> dmiles2111
[17:35] <dmiles2111> i think he is busy
[17:35] <dmiles2111> ?
[17:35] <CaT> while in safemode it can remove all of the spyware and virus/trojans
[17:35] <dmiles2111> k
[17:35] <sin> please do not accept malware advice from people who do not have a @ or a % in front of their names.
[17:36] <sin> CaT, this is your last warning.
[17:36] <Ryan> ffs...ignore the post i just made...something screwed up
[17:36] <coxmaster> i wouldnt take it from the % Just @
[17:36] <logreeval> lol
[17:36] * CaT don't see a @ or a % by sin
[17:36] <Gimpi> yeah, well, she's not a dumbass
[17:36] <sin> me neither coxmaster, but its better than malware help from someone who isnt a trusted helper AT ALL.
[17:36] <logreeval> you are talking about us coxmaster
[17:36] <logreeval> lol
[17:36] <logreeval> lol
[17:36] <therock247uk> sin is allowed to help in here smile.gif
[17:36] <coxmaster> i know logreeval
[17:36] <coxmaster> Sin scares me
[17:37] <logreeval> same here
[17:37] <Ryan> k, all better
[17:37] <logreeval> wink.gif
[17:37] <sin> CaT, for your information, im an ambassador at SWI, co-owner/admin at 247fixes, and admin at atribune.
[17:37] <sin> im also being considered for a promotion at TC.
[17:37] <sin> so, back off.
[17:37] <CaT> fine then, i come on here to try to help when i can and this is what i get when i will leave this channel
[17:37] <sin> just because i dont do forums work here, doesnt mean i dont know what im talking about.
[17:37] <CaT> and?
[17:37] <Gimpi> hooray!
[17:37] <Gimpi> bye.
[17:37] * Gimpi waves
[17:37] * Parts: CaT (CaT@cat.always.lands.on.feet.cat)
[17:37] <dmiles2111> Ryan, I am doing a House Call right now with Trend Micro
[17:37] <Gimpi> sweet.
[17:37] <logreeval> bye Gimpi
[17:37] <sin> idiot.
[17:38] * Gimpi hides in the corner
[17:38] <sin> dmiles2111, sorry for that.
[17:38] <dmiles2111> After this I should do the stuff you told me to do?
[17:38] <sin> cat was not qualified to be helping you in here.
[17:38] <dmiles2111> no problem
[17:38] <coxmaster> sin gets kinda testy sometimes
[17:38] <dmiles2111> ok
[17:38] <sin> no cox, i tell the truth.
[17:38] <coxmaster> but she was right cat isnt qualified
[17:38] <logreeval> true
[17:38] <dmiles2111> what cat told me to do it correct or not?
[17:38] <Ryan> skip the housecall, we don't need it
[17:38] <Ryan> follow the steps i posted
[17:38] <sin> what he told you wont hurt you, but it wont help you either.
[17:39] <dmiles2111> ok

then the bastard pm's me *without asking*:
[17:43] <CaT> wtf is your probelm?
[17:43] <CaT> bitxhing at me when all i was tryign to do was help someone
[17:43] <CaT> u don't even know me
[17:43] <CaT> and what i do
[17:45] <sin> i dont need to.
[17:45] <sin> you can complain all you want
[17:45] <sin> but you are NOT
[17:45] <sin> NOT
[17:45] <sin> NOT
[17:45] <sin> qualified to give malware advice in #geekstogo
[17:46] <CaT> and how do u know i am not qualified?
[17:46] <CaT> i do this for a living unlike some others
[17:46] <sin> because if you were, you wouldnt be just a +
[17:46] <sin> youd be a halfop or an op.
[17:46] <sin> thats how i know.
[17:46] <sin> just because you do it for a living does not make it ok for you to do it in there.
[17:47] <CaT> well kid, most admins of a channel just won't give someone a @ or a % when u have only been in a channel for less then a month
[17:47] <sin> 1: i am not a kid
[17:47] <sin> 2: i know how channels work
[17:48] <sin> 3: at geekstogo, people who are completing their geeku work are halfops, people that are trusted helpers are ops.
[17:48] <CaT> whatever
[17:48] <sin> also, you can whine in other channels about me all you want, you'll lose.
[17:49] <CaT> i am not whineing in other channles about you
[17:49] <sin> you lie.
[17:49] <sin> #bleepingcomputer is a perfect example.
[17:49] <CaT> i just made 1 comment about you benig a asshole
[17:49] <CaT> and it didnt even say your name
[17:50] <CaT> so i dont' see how u can say i was bitching in other channels about you.
[17:50] <sin> you can also say im an asshole, but in the end, im right and youre wrong. ask any admin in #gtg. youre in the wrong. you cannot help people with malware issues if youre not cleared to do so first. and youre not cleared to do so.
[17:50] <sin> i can say that because i have friends all over this network. they tell me things. want logs?
[17:51] <sin> or are you going to quit crying and lying now?
[17:51] <CaT> ohh
[17:51] <CaT> i am scared
[17:52] <CaT> i do more and run more shit on the net then u could ever think of doing, i am not worried about that littel channel
[17:52] <sin> trust me, the channel will not miss you at all.
[17:52] <CaT> i was just in there to try to help ppl, but since there ops and firends don't want it then so be it
[17:52] <sin> and you can say whatever you want, but you too, do not know *me*.
[17:54] <CaT> whatever, i am done playing kiddie games
[17:54] <sin> ok, goodbye.

graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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post Oct 4 2006, 09:33 PM
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Woo! Go sin! I thought there were a few to many cats around.
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post Oct 7 2006, 06:30 PM
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Cat said that at BC? that you were an asshole sin? OMG.. wish I had seen that. I do not know where she came from or who endorses her, if anyone. I guess I ought to ask around a bit.. if she is not totally gone all ready. LOL

Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon
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post Oct 21 2006, 06:31 PM
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awsome lmfao!
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