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> Kat, you suck!!
post Oct 2 2005, 09:22 AM
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note that i removed anything not associated with this whole ban thing. such bullshit, really.

[22:27] * insipid sets mode: +o sin
[22:28] * sin licks insipid
[22:28] <insipid> there ya go sin
[22:31] * SpyBot sets mode: -o sin
[22:31] * SpyBot sets mode: +v sin
[22:31] * sin spits on SpyBot
[22:32] <sin> maybe one day when i start kissing people's asses, ill get to be an op in here.
[22:32] * sin shrugs
[22:32] <sin> doesnt bother me. im too busy as it is.
[22:32] * sin sits on John_L
[22:32] <Justin> Become a staff member and you'll be on OP list
[22:32] <sin> no thanks Justin.
[22:32] <John_L> hiya sin
[22:32] <sin> i have my own forums, and im an admin on most others i belong too.
[22:33] <sin> and i work too much.
[22:33] <John_L> whats your site sin?
[22:33] <John_L> naughty closet
[22:33] <sin> my internet time has really gone down the drain in the last month.
[22:33] <sin> yes.
[22:33] <John_L> oh ok
[22:33] <sin> its a non-malware removal board.
[22:33] <sin> so its not nearly as "cool" as everyone else's forums.
[22:33] <John_L> no big deal
[22:34] <John_L> anywhere ya can chat is good
[22:34] <John_L> do you own that sin or just admin it?
[22:35] <sin> i own #naughtycloset and the associated website, yes.
[22:35] <John_L> very cool
[22:35] <sin> i also own 247fixes.com, but i dont run them.
[22:35] <John_L> you own rocks site
[22:35] <Kat> no one gets ops in this room until/unless they become a full staff member of the site.
[22:35] <sin> no shit Kat, really?
[22:35] <Justin> language please
[22:35] <sin> yes John_L, i own rock's website.
[22:36] <sin> but only the domain. everything else is his.
[22:37] <sin> no need to bitch out someone who didnt realise this was a non-op channel.
[22:37] <Justin> Watch the language sin. Last warning.
[22:38] <Kat> exactly, Michael. you have ops in Staff room. Here, you have half op as an upperclassman.....b/c most of the guests here look for malware help
[22:38] * sin shrugs. you can remove me. i thought thats why you guys had +G for... so it would censor things.
[22:40] <sin> Justin: im just wondering why after you explained why i wasnt an OP why Kat thought she needed to step in and clarify that for me, even though i didnt argue with anyone or try to start anything when the bot deopped me.
[22:40] <Justin> This is still a public room, so language is not tolerated, even if it is +G. We still know what you are saying.
[22:40] <Kat> actually, I did not see Justin had explained it, or I wouldn't have
[22:40] * Joins: SubWolf (~rob@wyldryde.org)
[22:40] * SpyBot sets mode: +v SubWolf
[22:41] <sin> try reading up.
[22:41] * You were kicked by rstones12 (rstones12) [
[22:41] * Attempting to rejoin channel #geekstogo
[22:41] * Rejoined channel #geekstogo
[22:41] * SpyBot sets mode: +v sin
[22:41] <sin> wheeeeee!
[22:43] * Joins: CCMike (~MIKE@privatehost-40693B08.dhcp.nwtn.ct.charter.com)
[22:43] * SpyBot sets mode: +v CCMike
[22:43] * Joins: Aaron_B (~me@privatehost-C67B1892.mn.astound.net)
[22:43] * SpyBot sets mode: +v Aaron_B
[22:43] * Parts: Aaron_B (~me@privatehost-C67B1892.mn.astound.net)
[22:44] <sin> wow
[22:44] <sin> thanks to me, this channel has ALMOST as many people in it as my channel does.
[22:44] <SubWolf> *cough*
[22:44] * Joins: brian (~help@privatehost-42368E9C.pimaco01.az.comcast.net)
[22:44] <sin> hi pi tongue.gif
[22:45] <brian> hi
[22:45] <SubWolf> brian!
[22:45] <brian> SubWolf!
[22:45] * sin licks brian
[22:45] <brian> ~rarr~
[22:45] <sin> oh wait, maybe im not supposed to lick people.
[22:45] <SubWolf> Switch two letters and it's brain.
[22:45] <Justin> !voice brian
[22:45] * SpyBot sets mode: +v brian
[22:45] <brian> thanks

i didnt say anything else and then later marked away... when i got up this morning, this was the last thing that showed in the geekstogo window:

[08:26] * SpyBot sets mode: +b *!*@privatehost-23E40A51.cpe.cableone.net
[08:26] * You were kicked by SpyBot (Requested by founder (usrbingeek))
[08:26] * Attempting to rejoin channel #geekstogo
[08:26] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)

after speaking with several people, i found that it was Kat who requested my removal, not the channel founder. and it was because she doesnt like me, not that i was opped when i shouldnt have been (its not like i did anything with those ops), it wasnt that i said a couple of bad words (which i stopped using when asked)... it was because she has a personal vendetta against me. well kat, fuck you. then again, i wouldnt touch your nasty ass.

graceful insanity is beautiful when accomplished -- come into the closet
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post May 15 2013, 01:19 PM
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here kitty kitty kitty

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Ahhhh the day we went from being mortal sworn enemies to being sisterfriends. God damn I miss her. So fucking much.
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